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Missing Lido Computations

From the reference manual:

There must be exactly one attribute computation for each synthesized attribute of the left-hand side nonterminal and for each inherited attribute of each right-hand side nonterminal.

Typical Error Situations

  • Forgetting to specify an attribute computation
  • Misspelling the attribute name in an attribute computations
  • Misspelling the attribute name in an attribute use

   ATTR	i : int;

   RULE r2 : X ::= '(' X '.' X ')'
   COMPUTE somethingelse();

   RULE r3 : X ::= 'x'
   COMPUTE  something();
            X.i = 1;

==> ERROR: computation of X[1].i is missing in RULE r2

Lido's showFe protocol lists all attribibute/symbol associations.

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