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showFe output (attributes)

     Sym: int SYNT ,               /* (F1:453:4) */
     _LabelInhPrecond: VOID SYNT , /* (F9:66:9) */
     LabelKey: DefTableKey SYNT ,  /* (F9:54:9) */
     LabelBind: Binding SYNT       /* (F9:53:9) */
NONTERM labeled_statement:
     Sym: int SYNT ,               /* (F1:438:4) */
     LabelUnique: int SYNT ,       /* (F5:10:17) */
     LabelKey: DefTableKey SYNT ,  /* (F5:9:17) */
     _GotLabelUnique: VOID SYNT ,  /* (F5:8:17) */
     LabelBind: Binding SYNT       /* (F9:41:9) */
[this listing is slightly abbreviated and reformatted]

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