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Pattern-based Text Generator

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Syntax of PTG Specifications

PTGSpec:        PatternSpec+

PatternSpec:    PatternName ':' (Item | Optional)* 

PatternName:    Identifier

Item:           CString | Insertion | FunctionCall

Insertion:      '$' [ Number ] [ Type ]

FunctionCall:   '[' Identifier Arguments ']'

Arguments:      Insertion*

Type:           'int' | 'string' | 'pointer' | 'long' | 'short'
                | 'char' | 'float' | 'double' 

Optional:       '{' Item+ '}'

Identifier and CString tokens are denoted as in C. Number tokens consist of decimal digits. Comments are written in C style. Line comments starting with # are also accepted.

Note: A CString token may only extend over several lines if all but the last line end with a backslash character. An error message like illegal newline in string literal indicates a violation of that rule.

The following additional alternative for PatternSpec defines leaf patterns. This construct is outdated and is no longer accepted by PTG:

PatternSpec:    PatternName ':' Type+ '[' [ Identifier ] ']'
If you have old specifications that use this pattern style, rewrite them by pattern specifications as describe above, e.g.

   MyLeaf:   int string []
   YourLeaf: int string [YourFct]
should be rewritten into

   MyLeaf:   $ int $ string
   YourLeaf: [YourFct $ int $ string]

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