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Counting Symbol Occurrences

This module provides .lido computations that count all ocurrences of certain symbols within a certain subtree.

The module is instantiated by

   $/Tech/Counter.gnrc +instance=NAME :inst
The optional generic instance parameter NAME identifies the particular instance.

The module provides the following computational roles:

NAMECount is associated to the grammar symbols that shall be counted. NAMECount.NAMECount yields the occurrence number in the tree.

NAMERootCount specifies the subtree containing the NAMECount occurrences. The number of occurrences found in the subtree can be obtained by the attribute NAMERootCount.NAMECountResult.

The default is that counting starts from 1 and is incremented by 1. The start value can be adjusted by overriding the computation NAMERootCount.NAMEInitCount = 0; with a computation of a suitable value. The increment can be adjusted by overriding the computation of NAMECount.NAMEIncrement.

|NAME|RootCount is inherited by the grammar root by default.

NAMERootCount can be associated to recursive grammar symbols. Any symbol that has NAMECount associated must belong to a subtree such that NAMERootCount is associated to its root.

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