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Tasks related to generating output

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Processing Ptg-Output into String Buffers

The module StringOut provides a possibility of processing the output associated to a PTG node structure recursively into a string buffer. The buffer is maintained by calls to Obstack-module-functions. The module PtgOutput is used to coordinate overrides of the PTG output functions.

This module supplies two C functions:

char *PTG_StringOut(PTGNode root);
Takes the root to a PTG node structure as argument. Invokes the PTG printing functions and processes the output into an automatically allocated and growing string buffer. Upon termination, a pointer to to the start of this buffer is returned.
void FreeStringOut();
Invocations of the PTG_StringOut() function can consume quite a lot of memory. It is possible, that at some time, the string buffers created by this functions are no longer needed. The memory consumed by this buffers can be returned to the system by an invocation of the FreeStringOut() function. Please note, that this function frees the space used by all invocations of PTG_StringOut() together.

Additional information about this module and it's implementation can be obtained by the derivation

   $elipkg/Output/StringOut.fw :fwTexinfo :display

Usage of Module

To include this module into your specification, simply add the following line to one of your `.specs'-files:



This module can be included to a specification together with other applications of the PtgOutput module functions, e.g. PrettyPrint and BlockPrint. By doing so, it is possible to pretty print a PTG node structure into a file or to process it into a string buffer. A combination, for example to pretty print a PTG node structure into character buffer, is not possible.

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