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Tasks related to generating output

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The module Indent supplies a C module that implements some functions helpful for indenting text produced by PTG functions. The function names IndentIncr, IndentDecr, IndentNewLine can be inserted into the user's PTG specification, like

   Block: "{" [IndentIncr] $ [IndentDecr] [IndentNewLine] "}"
   Stmt:  [IndentNewLine] $ ";"
Those PTG specifications should not contain strings with the new line character, but should have the [IndentNewLine] call instead.

Use the function IndentNewLine to put a linefeed into the output and indent the next line. IndentIncr increments and IndentDecr decrements the indentation level. The width of a single indentation step may be set to n spaces by the call IndentSetStep (n) executed prior to initiating output (e.g. by PTGOut).

The module does not have generic parameters. It is used by writing

in a .specs file.

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