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General Information

 o Eli: Translator Construction Made Easy
 o Global Index
 o Frequently Asked Questions
 o Typical Eli Usage Errors


 o Quick Reference Card
 o Guide For new Eli Users
 o Release Notes of Eli
 o Tutorial on Name Analysis
 o Tutorial on Type Analysis
 o Typical Eli Usage Errors

Reference Manuals

 o User Interface
 o Eli products and parameters
 o LIDO Reference Manual
 o Typical Eli Usage Errors


 o Eli library routines
 o Specification Module Library

Translation Tasks

 o Lexical analysis specification
 o Syntactic Analysis Manual
 o Computation in Trees


 o LIGA Control Language
 o Debugging Information for LIDO
 o Graphical ORder TOol

 o FunnelWeb User's Manual

 o Pattern-based Text Generator
 o Property Definition Language
 o Operator Identification Language
 o Tree Grammar Specification Language
 o Command Line Processing
 o COLA Options Reference Manual

 o Generating Unparsing Code

 o Monitoring a Processor's Execution


 o System Administration Guide

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New Features of Eli Version 4.6

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Additional Packages

Eli is a collection of packages that define sets of tools and workflow patterns. The actual generation process is handled by Odin, a program designed to manage a collection of artifacts and tools to provide products that are up-to-date with respect to all of the raw material on which they are based.

Many of the packages included in the Eli distribution define tools and workflow patterns that, although they support text-processor generation, are useful for other applications. Version 4.6 simplifies the processes of modifying existing packages and of adding new packages to take advantage of these facilities.

We are also making additional packages available individually in conjunction with the standard Eli distribution. These additional packages are distributed as tar files whose names begin with pkg-.

For those interested in constructing their own packages, the best reference is the book Generating Software from Specifications (see http://www.jbpub.com/catalog/0763741248/).

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