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New Features of Eli Version 4.5

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New LIGA front-end

The front-end of the Liga attribute evaluator generator has been re-implemented. The main changes are:

  • Old-style terminal attribution which had already been marked "outdated" in the previous Eli versions has now been disabled. This means that specifications like
    ATTR c: int;
    RULE p: R ::= X COMPUTE
      R.c = X.c;

    where X is a terminal symbol now lead to an error message:

    "ERROR:  ERROR: A terminal has no attributes"

  • The key word NONTERM is no longer supported. It should be replaced by SYMBOL.

  • Improved error messages, e.g.

    "ERROR: Symbol does neither occur in syntax nor in symbol attribution"


    "ERROR: Symbol does not occur in rule or definition: IddDefScope"

  • New protocol feature of the new liga frontend. This protocol provides information about the compound liga input specification:

    • tree and class symbols, their attributes and their inheritance relation
    • rule attributes
    • remote access constructs INCLUDING, CONSTITUENT, and CONSTITUENTS
    • inheritance of computations

    Invoke the liga frontend protocol generator by:


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