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New Features of Eli Version 4.4

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Including indexes in LaTeX documents

The Odin tex package has been updated to support automatic index generation. You can now process LaTeX documents that contain \index commands, as described in Section 4.5 of the LaTeX User's Guide & Reference Manual. The index generated from these commands is printed by a \printindex command appearing in the LaTeX document. No additional commands or derivations are involved.

Indexes are processed by makeindex, which is invoked automatically during a derivation to PostScript or PDF. The Odin +index_flags parameter can be used to provide command-line options to makeindex if desired. For example, the following derivation would supply the index style file `MyStyle.ist' to makeindex during the consgtruction of a PDF file from `Doc.tex':

Doc.tex +index_flags='-s' (MyStyle.ist) :pdf

See makeindex for a complete description of the available options. Note that in general the option list will contain both literal flags and file names. Any file names that do not specify a full path should be parenthesized.

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