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New Features of Eli Version 4.2

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New FunnelWeb Typesetter Support

Two typesetter pragmas have been added to FunnelWeb:

@p typesetter = latex
@p typesetter = latex2html

These pragmas cause the derivation :fwTex to create text acceptable to LaTeX and latex2html respectively. They are identical as far as the treatment of text is concerned, but differ in how they handle FunnelWeb macro definitions and invocations. In both cases, normal LaTeX and latex2html markup can be used in the text portions. Macro definitions and calls are implemented using LaTeX markup when latex is specified, and latex2html markup when latex2html is specified.

In both cases the user must supply an appropriate LaTeX preamble, \begin{document} and \end{document} as part of the document text. This means that it is possible to combine the outputs from several :fwTex derivations into a single document by using appropriate LaTeX \input commands.

The preamble must include the LaTeX command \usepackage{alltt} for either of these pragmas, and latex2html also requires \usepackage{html}.

The FunnelWeb section directives are normally translated to LaTeX sectioning commands as follows:

  • @A \section
  • @B \subsection
  • @C \subsubsection
  • @D \paragraph
  • @E \subparagraph

If the +chapter parameter is passed to the :fwTex derivation, however, the translation is:

  • @A \chapter
  • @B \section
  • @C \subsection
  • @D \subsubsection
  • @E \paragraph

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