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Order Options

Options introduced by "Orderopt" control the general strategies applied by Order.

OrderOpt    ::= 'PARTITION' Strategy /
                'GRAPH' Type ( ident ) * / 'ARRANGE' arrangePart
Strategy    ::= 'EARLY' / 'LATE'
arrangePart ::= 'AUTOMATICALLY' / 'FAST' /
                'FOR' 'SYMB' ident 'EVAL' ident 'BEFORE' ident /
                'IN' 'RULE' ident 'EVAL' ident '[' intval ']' '.' ident
                'BEFORE' ident '[' intval ']' '.' ident

'PARTITION' Strategy
This option is used to specify the strategy for computation of attribute partitions.

'GRAPH' Type ( ident ) *
This option is used to obtain additional information about specific attribute dependencies. It is most useful for tracking down dependency cycles. The dependency graphs for the given symbols and rules are listed. If the Identlist is empty, then the graphs for all symbols or rules are listed. The default for this option is to provide no listings of any dependency graphs.

These options are outdated. They are still accepted, but do not have any effect. If some computations are to be executed while the tree is being built, they are specified BOTTOMUP in the LIDO text. See also Computations of LIDO - Reference Manual.

'ARRANGE' arrangePart
This option is used to fix the evaluation order of attributes of a single symbol or of a single rule. If an attribute grammar is not ordered, but may be well-defined --i.e. cycles do not occur before computation of the partitioned rule graphs -- these specifications may be used to constrain the admissible partitions.

AUTOMATICALLY invokes an additional algorithm that tries to avoid cycles while computing the visit-sequences. FAST avoids to invoke that algorithm, speeding up the analysis and increasing the risk not to find suitale visit-sequences in certain cases. The default is AUTOMATICALLY. By specifying another arrange option a certain evaluation sequence is explicitly requested.

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