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Tasks related to input processing

This library contains modules that support insertion of files into the currently processed input file. The name of the file to be inserted is computed from information of the current input file. Such computations have to be executed immediately while the input is being read (bottom-up in terms of tree construction). This library also contains a module that supports command line arguments of the generated processor which specify directories where files to be included are searched.

Include is the central module to solve the file inclusion task. It is based on the modules CoordMap and GlaCorr which are automatically instatiated when Include is used. (CoordMap and GlaCorr are not intended to be used directly in specifications.) The module CmdLineIncl can be used additionally to enable the command line feature.

The module CurrTok provides access to the current token, which has just been accepted by the scanner. It may supply the file name to the function provided by the Include module, if that function is issued in computations specified in the concrete grammar rather then in .lido computations.