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General Information

 o Eli: Translator Construction Made Easy
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 o Quick Reference Card
 o Guide For new Eli Users
 o Release Notes of Eli
 o Tutorial on Name Analysis
 o Tutorial on Type Analysis
 o Typical Eli Usage Errors

Reference Manuals

 o User Interface
 o Eli products and parameters
 o LIDO Reference Manual
 o Typical Eli Usage Errors


 o Eli library routines
 o Specification Module Library

Translation Tasks

 o Lexical analysis specification
 o Syntactic Analysis Manual
 o Computation in Trees


 o LIGA Control Language
 o Debugging Information for LIDO
 o Graphical ORder TOol

 o FunnelWeb User's Manual

 o Pattern-based Text Generator
 o Property Definition Language
 o Operator Identification Language
 o Tree Grammar Specification Language
 o Command Line Processing
 o COLA Options Reference Manual

 o Generating Unparsing Code

 o Monitoring a Processor's Execution


 o System Administration Guide

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Lexical analysis specifications

Specifiy the forms of comments and the forms of all basic symbols corresponding to non-literal terminal symbols of the grammar.

Typical Error Situations

  • Terminal name mismatch

        idnetifier: $[a-zA-Z][A-Za-z_0-9]* [mkidn]
    ==> No GLA specification for identifier

  • errors in complex regular expressions, especially with white space and quoting special characters

    C_FLOAT    $((([0-9]+\.[0-9]*|\.[0-9]+)((e|E)(\+|-)?[0-9]+)?)|
               ([0-9]+(e|E)(\+|-)?[0-9]+))[fFlL]? [mkstr]

  • auxiliary scanners: errorprone low level character manipulation

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