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Abstract data types to be used in specifications

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Dynamic Storage Allocation

This module provides functions for dynamic storage allocation. Its operations are significantly faster than the C function malloc, since storage is allocated within larger chunks which are less frequently requested from the system. The module is implemented on top of a more general storage allocation module obstack, which may be used directly if more elaborate allocation mechanisms are needed.

The use of the module requires an initializing call of the function InitDynSpace.

void* InitDynSpace ()
initializes a storage area for subsequent allocations. The result should be assigned to a variable used in subsequent allocation calls.

The module does not have generic parameters. It is used by writing

in a .specs file.

All entities exported by this module can be used in specifications of type .lido, .init, .finl, and .con. They can also be used in C modules if the interface file DynSpace.h is imported there.

The module exports the following functions:

void* InitDynSpace (void)
Initializes a dynamic storage area and returns a pointer to it. it has to be used in any subsequent call of DynAlloc.

void* DynAlloc (void *space, int size)
Allocates storage of the given size in the area pointed to by space.

void DynClear (void *space)
Deallocates the complete storage area pointed to by space.

The functions can be used in a C module in the following way:

   #include "DynSpace.h"
   void *MySpace;
   /* ... */
   MySpace = InitDynSpace ();
   /* ... */
   p = (TypeX*) DynAlloc (MySpace, sizeof (TypeX));
   /* ... */
   DynClear (MySpace);
   /* ... */

Note: Neither the cast nor the call of sizeof can be part of a LIDO computation, since type identifiers are not allowed in computations. Hence the calls of this module must reside in a C module (that implements the type of the allocated objects).

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