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Abstract data types to be used in specifications

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Mapping Integral Values To Other Types

This module implements mappings from non-negative integers to an arbitrary type that is specified by a generic instantiation parameter. Any assignable type can be chosen.

The map is implemented by a dynamically allocated array using the obstack module via the DynSpace interface. The mapping storage can be deallocated.

The size of the mapping has to to be stated on initialization.

The module is instantiated by

   $/Adt/Map.gnrc +instance=NAME +referto=TYPE :inst
where NAME identifies the Map instance and TYPE is the target type of the mapping.

Note: The target type of the mapping TYPE must be either a type that is predefined in C, or its definition must be made available by some .head specification.

All entities exported by this module can be used in specifications of type .lido, .init, .finl, and .con. They can also be used in .pdl specifications or in C modules if the interface file NAMEMap.h is imported there.

The following functions are supplied by the module:

void NAMEInitMap (int max_n)
Initializes the mapping for value between 0 and max_n.

void NAMEFinlMap (void)
Deallocates the mapping.

void NAMEInitMapValues (TYPE v)
Initializes all mappings in the range 0 to max_n to the value v.

void NAMESetMap (int n, TYPE v)
Maps n to the value v. It may override a previously set value.

TYPE NAMEGetMap (int n)
Yields the TYPE value set for n by the most recent call of NAMESetMap or InitMapValues, if any; otherwise the result is undefined.

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