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General Information

 o Eli: Translator Construction Made Easy
 o Global Index
 o Frequently Asked Questions
 o Typical Eli Usage Errors


 o Quick Reference Card
 o Guide For new Eli Users
 o Release Notes of Eli
 o Tutorial on Name Analysis
 o Tutorial on Type Analysis
 o Typical Eli Usage Errors

Reference Manuals

 o User Interface
 o Eli products and parameters
 o LIDO Reference Manual
 o Typical Eli Usage Errors


 o Eli library routines
 o Specification Module Library

Translation Tasks

 o Lexical analysis specification
 o Syntactic Analysis Manual
 o Computation in Trees


 o LIGA Control Language
 o Debugging Information for LIDO
 o Graphical ORder TOol

 o FunnelWeb User's Manual

 o Pattern-based Text Generator
 o Property Definition Language
 o Operator Identification Language
 o Tree Grammar Specification Language
 o Command Line Processing
 o COLA Options Reference Manual

 o Generating Unparsing Code

 o Monitoring a Processor's Execution


 o System Administration Guide

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Inspection by author/others

Reading and rethinking own specification parts. Explaining specifications to others.

Supported by well structured, documented specifications.

Similar to programming style guidelines for software development teams, "specification style guides" are helpful:

  • Naming conventions
  • Text formatting
  • Individual style guides for different specification types
  • ...

Eli tools supporting specification inspection

  • foo.specs : allspecs : viewlist
    Opens default shell in a generated directory containing (links to) all of your specification parts.

  • foo.fw : fwGen > .
    creates directory containing all specification parts extracted from foo.fw.

  • foo.specs : ligaResults : viewlist
    Opens default shell in a generated directory containing (links to) the source of the generated attribute evaluator. Useful for inspecting the tree computations (visitprocs.c).

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