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Remote Attribute Access: INCLUDING

Accesses an attribute of a symbol that is on the path towards the tree root.

    INCLUDING (X.a, Y.b, Z.c)

Typical Error Situations

  • usage in a tree context which is not enclosed in an X, Y or Z context

    ==> ERROR: in some contexts none of the INCLUDING symbols is found

  • trying to access attributes a, b, or c of different type

    ==> ERROR: type conflict in INCLUDING

  • trying to access more that one attribute of a single symbol

    ==> ERROR: Remote access to two attributes of one symbol

In conjunction with symbol computations

     INCLUDING (C.a)     /* C is a CLASS symbol */
stands for
     INCLUDING (X1.a, X2.a, X3.a, ...)     
for all Xi that C is inherited to.

Typical Error Situation

  • Ending up with an empty INCLUDING list due to missing INHERITS clauses

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