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Remote Attribute Access: CONSTITUENT/S


Accessing a single attribute from a subtree of the current context
     [ SymbolRef ] 'CONSTITUENT' 
     RemAttrList [ ShieldClause ]
Accessing multiple attributes from a subtree of the current context

     [ SymbolRef ] 'CONSTITUENTS' 
     RemAttrList [ ShieldClause ] 
     WITH' '(' TypeName ',' CombFctName ',' 
               SingleFctName ',' NullFctName ')'

Typical Error Situation

  • No unique target attribute for a CONSTITUENT clause
    ==> ERROR: multiple CONSTITUENT symbols

  • Using remote attributes with different attribute type in the CONSTITUENTS list.
    ==> ERROR: type conflict in CONSTITUENT(S)

  • Accessing more than one attribute of a symbol
    ==> ERROR: Remote access to two attributes of one symbol

  • Shielding errors, e.g. forgetting to turn of default shielding behavior by SHIELD().

  • Errors implementing the WITH clause (C/C++ functions)

In conjunction with symbol computations

     CONSTITUENTS (C.a)     /* C is a CLASS symbol */
stands for
     CONSTITUENTS (X1.a, X2.a, X3.a, ...)     
for all Xi that C is inherited to.

This list of refered attributes may be empty.

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